We are in the process of translating the ‘Meditations with Native Elders’ book to Spanish and we need your help!

We are giving away FREE copies to the FIRST 50 individuals who are able and willing to give us feedback on the translated edition. To sign up send your name and shipping address to tori@coyhisconsulting.com.


Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. To celebrate, we are offering 20% off ‘Meditations with Native American Elders’. The Four Seasons edition of ‘Meditations with Native American Elders’ is written by Don Coyhis, Founder and president of White Bison, Inc.

This is a day-at-a-time book offering a quotation by a Native elder at the top of each page in spate entries over an entire year. Each quote is followed by a reflection by author Don Coyhis, Mohican Nation. At the bottom of each page is a space for the reader to write a few words about what they intend to focus on for that day. The page concludes with a short prayer by the author and space to fill in the moon cycle. This promotion does not include shipping and is only available between 3/1-3/31.

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