#2 The Red Road Wellbriety Group Starter Kit

The Red Road Wellbriety Group Starter Kit was designed for people in recovery to: 

- Start a Wellbriety group for alcohol, drugs, family, youth
- Provide a recovery/Wellbriety resource group for those being released from prison, jail, treatment centers, or mental health facilities
- Implement Wellbriety programs to support community wellness programs
- Implement youth groups to prevent youth suicide, bullying, gang involvement and reduce teen pregnancy while encouraging graduation, and the development of a sense of meaning and spiritual direction

The Red Road Wellbriety Group Starter Kit contains:

Red Road Wellbriety Group Starter Kit Manual: This booklet provides checklists, reminders, and instructions for finding a location, reaching out to the community, inviting participants, setting up equipment, and all the many details that it takes to have a smoothly running group that will encourage people to come and stay! There are also instructions for maintaining privacy and for sustaining the group over time.

Four New Posters:  Four motivational posters can be placed in the meeting room as reminders of the Principles, Values and Laws that support the Healing Forest and the Wellbriety Movement:

- The Four Laws of Change
- Twelve Traditions of the Wellbriety Movement
- Twelve Wellbriety Steps
- Twelve Steps in a Circle

Each poster measures 11" x 17"

 Wellbriety Classics:

- Meditations with the Elders: 365 Teachings of the Native American Elders and Prayers
- The Red Road to Wellbriety


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